"Why tf have i done that again?"

Into "Oh great, this was a smooth reaction. I'm really cool!".

Work with your spirit guides on Toxic patterns and relationships. save the money you spend on astro lines.

Spirits, gods and entities are here to help you

ask the right questions and you get answers you benefit from

Discovering the spirit world is an irreversible game changer, but the industry build around it keeps you feeling stuck and torn – this is where their money is in!

You don’t need a third party to make contact with spirit guides, get guided and gather relyable infos.

Spirits, gods and happiness are available for you!

Access the advice of your spirit guides. Gather all the insights to make choices that won’t keep you up at night.

Stop shoving your money down the astro line's throat. invest it into shoes, a mobile phone or Dinners instead (or whatever you love to treat yourself)
Get answers you can rely on to flourish self growth, Self love and relationships
Enjoy the secure feeling of unconditional love - I mean, you seriously can't fuck this life up!

Hey, I'm Jasmin

Selfmade Medium and Spirit World Visionary – and I’m so tired of people telling other people they aren’t worthy enough to connect with spirit. This is a lie you are told to keep your hands off the industry’s money.

I found my psychic abilities at the age of 33. Since then I created a bunch of methods, techniques and an entire reiki system around talking to spirits, gods and entities.


My vision is to NORMALIZE SPIRIT WORLD CONVERSATIONS. Our spirit guides hold a healing space for us, and I want you to benefit from it.

gather your dragon, angels and spirit guides at a round table.

Change your angle in the spirit world: check up with your spirit guides and get your question answered

Why you profit from making Contact yourself

"But I'm not a psychic Medium...!"

When I caught up to my psychic abilities (aged 33), I learned some game changing facts:

  • You don’t need any mediumship education to learn how to chat with spirit. I learned everything on my own, and it only took me some weeks! (not because I’m supergifted but because it’s easy)
  • Every human is naturally born with the ability to talk to subtle entities (and get answers of course). Education, Society and Past Life Trauma are blocking this skill.
  • Working with spirit fills you with joy and love and freedom. Healing, releasing, growing and flourishing are “by-products” of regular conversations with your spirit guides, gods and angels. Gathering the infos from 3rd parties (aka readers) gives you none of these.
  • “Embodiement” – that’s the magical word. As soon as you make first hand experiences, your ego stops badghing the hints from your spirit guides as imagination
  • Chances are good you are an incarnated angel or another subtle being that came here to help – Time to remember WHO TF YOU ARE!

connecting with spirit is easy

I worked with hundreds of students on their psychic skills yet. I crafted proven methods, techniques and practices you can enter the spirit world with and talk to spirits, gods and entities (without having done that ever before!).

about Jasmin

Why you don't need to wait until things get worse

Goddess Reiki

created to make spirit World conversations available for you

The Method

why you will get results you didn't expect

Gathering your guys

Meet your spirit guides at a round table

Build confidence in your spirit world conversations

get closer to spirits, gods and happiness