Best meditate to manifest tip you’ll ever get

Best meditate to manifest tip you’ll ever get

if you're like me and you tend to feel guilty 'cause you don't meditate "enough", this is for you.

As I started my business I spend hours and hours on meditation and visualization – confident that this would be the solution of my problems.

And I started to launch a product or a freebie, and I didn’t have the success I tried to manifest while spending all of these hours in meditation, trying my best to focus on the positiv and banishing my fears into the darkest corners of my brain.

I blamed myself for not having done enough – and here the story makes some sort of a funny twist: I didn’t feel disappointed by my self because I did not show up in the way I should have during the launch [what no doubt would have led to the expected result] but because I did not meditate enough!

If you resonate to that I welcome you my sister in frustration – let me tell you this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And I feel you, I’ve been there. I’ve seen all the downs of inefficient manifestation trials.

The good news is: Meditation is NOT a neccessary tool for manifesting your desires. And I’d further recommend to skip meditation if you practice it it to receive something in return.

why the importance of meditation was mistaken

The thing is: When it comes to manifestation, we’re ought to meditate in order to shift our vibe into a higher frequency to attract what we desire [law of attraction].

But somehow this reasonable strategy turnt out to MUST DO that shall lead us to results. And in the heads of people this turned into a “well, if I’m a good girl and do my meditation practice everey day, the universe will acknowledge and grant all my wishes”.

And even if I’m going to annoy you, love, I have to tell you that that’s just not the way.

And it might be the reason why manifestation wasn’t successful to you yet, or at least not repeatable.

We shall not meditate so we receive something in return. We shall meditate in order to connect with ourself and receive COSMIC DOWNLOADS, so we are afterwards able to take inspired action.



Please don’t confuse this.

Because if you don’t, you’ll soon see results as you’ll manifest what you wish for. And that’ll be absolutely amazing!


If you’re still not into meditation, that’s okay. We don’t have to meditate.

But anyways we manifest way easier and quicker if we can shift our energy into the frequency of what we wish for.

This is the acutal way how the universe [or god or the spirit guides or whoever you prefer] gets to know that there is something you long for. And as all of us are loved and supported all the time, we receive cosmic downloads and action tasks that turn our dreams into reality.

I found 18 cosmic keys that allow us to instantly enter the exact frequency of our desires, so our vibe becomes kind of an exact “how can I make my dreams come true”-request that will be answered.

If you wanna learn more about that you can save your seat for my FREE SECRET OF HOW TO TURN YOUR DREAMS INTO REALITY MASTERCLASS – I’ll be grateful to see you there.

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